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NEU 12.05.2022 Press Releases
Levy flights

When quantum particles fly like bees

Quantum simulator provides insights into the dynamics of complex quantum systems

A quantum system consisting of only 51 charged atoms can assume more than two quadrillion different states. Calculating the system's behavior is a piece of cake for a quantum simulator. Yet even with today's supercomputers it is almost impossible to verify the result. A research team from the University of Innsbruck and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has now shown how these systems can be described using equations from the 18th century.

NEU 26.04.2022 Press Releases
Group picture

Innsbruck researchers awarded three ERC Advanced Grants

Physicists and a biochemist from University of Innsbruck receive millions in European funding

University of Innsbruck’s quantum physicists Francesca Ferlaino and Hans Briegel and biochemist Kathrin Thedieck each receive an ERC Advanced Grant, the highest European funding for established scientists in basic research. A total of more than 7 million euros will be invested in basic research in Innsbruck. For Francesca Ferlaino, it is already the third ERC grant after a Starting Grant (2010) and a Consolidator Grant (2016).

NEU 25.03.2022 Press Releases
The Quantum Optimization Team

Missing building block for quantum optimization developed

Optimization challenges in logistics or finance are among the first possible applications of quantum machines. Physicists from Innsbruck, Austria, have now developed a method that enables optimization problems to be investigated on quantum hardware that already exists today. For this purpose, they have developed a special quantum gate.

NEU 23.03.2022 Press Releases
Quantum sensor

Quantum sensors: Measuring even more precisely

Physicists report on first programmable quantum sensor in Nature and PRX

Two teams of physicists led by Peter Zoller and Thomas Monz at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, have designed the first programmable quantum sensor, and tested it in the laboratory. To do so they applied techniques from quantum information processing to a measurement problem. The innovative method promises quantum sensors whose precision reaches close to the limit set by the laws of nature.

NEU 12.10.2021 Press Releases

“Peace Studies” to be restructured and expanded

For 20 years, the university continuing education program on Peace, Development, Security and International Conflict Transformation (“Peace Studies”) has attracted students from all over the world. In recent months, the program has been restructured and aims to become a regular MA study program at the University of Innsbruck.

NEU 18.08.2021 Press Releases
Supersolid quantum gas

Supersolid in a new dimension

Quantum matter can be solid and fluid at the same time – a situation known as supersolidity. Researchers led by Francesca Ferlaino have now created for the first time this fascinating property along two dimensions. They now report in the journal Nature on the realization of supersolidity along two axes of an ultracold quantum gas. The experiment offers many possibilities for further investigation of this exotic state of matter.