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NEU 18.08.2021 Press Releases
Supersolid quantum gas

Supersolid in a new dimension

Quantum matter can be solid and fluid at the same time – a situation known as supersolidity. Researchers led by Francesca Ferlaino have now created for the first time this fascinating property along two dimensions. They now report in the journal Nature on the realization of supersolidity along two axes of an ultracold quantum gas. The experiment offers many possibilities for further investigation of this exotic state of matter.

NEU 18.06.2021 Press Releases
Vacuum chamber

A Compact quantum computer for server centers

Researchers build smallest quantum computer yet based on industry standards

So far, quantum computers have been one-of-a-kind devices that fill entire laboratories. Now, physicists at the University of Innsbruck have built a prototype of an ion trap quantum computer that can be used in industry. It fits into two 19-inch server racks like those found in data centers throughout the world. The compact, self-sustained device demonstrates how this technology will soon be more accessible.

NEU 14.06.2021 Press Releases
Vacuum chamber

Insulators turn up the heat on quantum bits

Physicists have long suspected that dielectric materials may significantly disrupt ion-trap quantum computers. Now, researchers led by Tracy Northup have developed a new method to quantify this source of error for the first time. For the future operation of quantum computers with very many quantum bits, such noise sources need to be eliminated already during the design process if possible.

NEU 07.06.2021 Press Releases

UEFA EURO fore­cast: France will be Euro­pean Cham­pion

After winning the FIFA World Cup, France could also win the European Football Championship – this is the conclusion of researchers from the Universities of Innsbruck (Austria) and Ghent (Belgium), the Technical Universities of Dortmund and Munich (Germany) and Molde University College (Norway). England and Spain also have a good chance of winning the title, according to the forecast.
NEU 02.06.2021 Press Releases
Excavation site Su-re on the Tibetan Plateau

Oldest human traces from the southern Tibetan Plateau in a new light

For the first time, Michael Meyer and Luke Gliganic from the Department of Geology at the University of Innsbruck have used a new optical dating technique  to directly constrain the age of prehistoric stone artefacts from an archaeological site southern Tibet. The findings are more than 5,000 years old and thus the oldest evidence of human presence in this part of the Tibetan Plateau. The study has been published in the journal Science Advances.
NEU 18.05.2021 Press Releases
State-of-the-art Drilling Platform on Lake Hallstatt

Environmental Archive Lake Hallstatt: Depth Record-breaking Drilling Campaign

Lake Hallstatt´s paleo-environmental archive accessed by successful completion of a depth record-breaking scientific lake-drilling campaign
The early history of Stone Age settlement and salt mining in the Alpine region is still not yet fully understood. Also, there is a lack of reliable observational data on past environmental and climatic conditions, and frequencies and impacts of meteorological and geological extreme events of that time, that are needed to holistically understand past environmental-human-environmental interactions. A team of researchers from the University of Innsbruck, the Natural History Museum Vienna, the GFZ - German Research Centre for Geosciences and the University of Bern has now, for the first time, used an innovative hydraulic coring system to recover over 50 long sediment cores from Lake Hallstatt, gaining unprecedented scientific samples, that will provide unique insights into the early development of one of the oldest cultural landscapes in the world. The 6-week drilling campaign was successfully completed today.